Allan Line to Canada (c.1905) Vintage Travel Poster Reprint

Allan Line to Canada (c.1905) Vintage Travel Poster Reprint

  • EUR €19.95
Size: 15.75" x 23.75"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: VC-04

Own a rare reprint of a classic Canadian Pacific travel poster! Reproduced from steamship archives by a French publisher to great effect, the original art was printed early in the 20th century to promote the Montreal-based Allan Line ocean liners that brought tens of thousands across the Atlantic ocean from 1854 until its sale to Canadian Pacific in 1918. Featuring classic artwork and styling, this brings you back to the golden era of the great ocean liners, providing appreciation for the incredible size of the vessel. Amazing vintage poster - perfect for the wall of any lover of ocean liners, Canadian transportation, and beautiful style! Note: this poster is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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