The RMS Titanic Historic Wall Chart Poster - Nuova 1995

The RMS Titanic Historic Wall Chart Poster - Nuova 1995

  • EUR €19.95
Publisher: Nuova Arti Grafiche, 1995
Size: 38.5" x 26.75"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on high-quality gallery stock.

Item #: EU2450-3510

A must for the wall of anyone interested in maritime history, great disasters, and amazing ocean liners! This spectacular wall chart takes you back to that fateful year of 1912, when the RMS Titanic set off on its maiden voyage as the biggest passenger steamship in history, then sank four days later after striking an iceberg, taking with it the lives of 1,517 people. With a detailed schematic diagram of the ship's interior and exterior features, images of two pieces of White Star Line memorabilia, a photograph of notorious ship commander Edward J. Smith, and a six-frame sequence showing exactly how the ship sank, this is a spectacular work of historic poster art for your wall.

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